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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The 2009 season finally got underway Thursday night (May 21st) at the Norman County Raceway in Ada,Minnesota. The previous weeks were cancelled due to cold weather, rain and frost boils in the pit area. This week the weather was great and racing was good in the season opener. Last years NCR points champion Dustin Strand picked up where he left off with a heat and feature win in the Midwest Modifieds. Strand started the feature in row four, he would take the lead just before a caution with three laps remaining and raced to his first feature win this year at NCR. Here's the race results:

Four Cylinders:
First Jason Klevgard, Second Darin Smith, Third Shawn Dement,

Feature: First James Cooper, Second Shawn Dement, Third Jason Klevgard, Fourth Chris Geray, Fifth Scott Beckman

Mod fours: Heat one: First Corry VanMil, Second Josh Abrahamson, Third Rob VanMill

Heat two: First Cory Ohnstad, Second Jim Erdman, Third Bryce Bjerken,
Feature: First Cory VanMill, Second Rob VanMill, Third Josh Abrahamson, Fourth Cory Ohnstad, Fifth Tyler Hall

Midwest Mods: Heat one: First Travis Sauer, Second Rich Pavlicek, Third Lance Schill

Heat two: First Dustin Strand, Second Jeff Nelson, Third Charles Jensen

Feature: First Dustin Strand, Second Ryan Mikkelson, Third Travis Sauer, Fourth Jeff Nelson, Fifth Rich Pavlicek

Purestocks: Heat One: First Scott Beckman, Second Aaron Kappes, Third David Bolstad

Heat Two; First Justin Olson, Second Ken Crane, Third Bill Beckman

Feature: First Justin Olson, Second Ken Crane, Third Dean Lundon, Fourth Scott Beckman, Fifth Aaron Kappes

Modifieds: Heat One: First Brent Pulskamp, Second Mark Trautner, Third Ben Mickelson

Heat two: First Alex Engelstad, Second Blake Jetvig, Third Travis Sauer

Feature:First Travis Sauer, Second Blake Jetvig, Third Alex Engelstad, Fourth Mark Trautner, Fifth Cody Skytland

Everyone is welcome to come to the Norman County Raceway every Thursday at the Norman County Raceway, Ada, Minnesota. It's where the big boys come to play!
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